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Bar stool dimensions
- Nov 18, 2016 -

Bar stools we commonly see are relatively small, said the Chair, but is actually more like a stool, usually no back or just shallow section. Most bar higher than the table, bar stool height bar stool manufacturers increases, because it is made up according to the different height of the bar, bar stool dimensions are different.

Bar stools into lift bar stool Chair and not lifting the bar, mostly to lift, lift the range between 20cm and can adjust. If the distance from the bar is right, slightly lower than the bar 20cm about it, compared to normal between about 60-100 cm in height, but also according to environmental needs, increase or decrease.

Although the changes in the size of bar stools, but that several common, standard size is 42*46.5*92cm. In addition to the outside of the bar stools and bar chairs are 44*44*83cm, 45*50*99cm, 45*45*92cm, 39*45*98.5cm, etc.