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Office Chair function is?
- Nov 18, 2016 -

Modern office chairs and more comprehensive, high frequency of use, is one of the most important office equipment, comfort is very important, comfortable office chairs to protect us jobs. A good office chair, what are its functions?

1, feel free to change adjusting the seat height, choose design pressure engine installations of Office Chair according to height, leg length, adjusting the seat height.

2, keep your back comfortable, choose Office Chair with adjustable backrest. Backrest height and tilt angle can be adjusted. According to the different needs, appropriate regulation, and always maintain the correct posture.

3, seat angle can be adjusted. Adjust the opening angle of the backrest and seat, naturally slow the leg and back pressure, promote blood circulation and unobstructed breathing.

4, and armrest, height-adjustable seat height. If necessary, simple and free to adjust to relieve neck and shoulder stress.

5, the Chair has swing adjustment function, more casual and comfortable posture. If the seat and the backrest can be adjusted separately, will further increase the comfort.

6, seat depth can be adjusted by height to alleviate fatigue caused by working long hours. High back office chair to support the body better.

7 easy, sitting too long causes muscle tension, body fatigue. At work, you should always break or transform posture to relieve fatigue.