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Office Chair how to adjust to the proper height?
- Nov 18, 2016 -

Many Office chairs height are there?? Labels cannot be freed from back pain your body, Office Chair manufacturers tell you how according to the nature of the work office chair adjusted to the right height.
Legs: check the fingers in thigh, underneath the front of the Chair sliding freely. If the space is too tight, you need to add an adjustable footrest high thigh. If your thighs and the frontier between the Chair refers to the width of the then Chair height.
Calf: under the hips close to the Chair's back, can try fist through the legs back and the space between the front of the Chair. If you can't easily do it, then the Chair would be too deep, need to chair back forward adjustable, pad a cushion, or replace it with a Chair.
Elbows: on the premise of sitting comfortably, nearer the elbow away from the table as possible, to ensure that the upper arm parallel to the spine, putting his hand on the table surface (such as a notebook or on the keyboard), and adjust the seat height, in order to ensure that the elbows at right angles. Meanwhile, adjusting armrest height so that arm was brought in at the shoulder.
Midfield: feeling tired, don't huddled in the Chair, which will increase the lower back and intervertebral disc pressure. Hips close to the back, it is best to put a cushion on the back can be slightly bent, so that when the fatigue, the body will not huddle, backs the burden can be reduced to a minimum.
Sight height: close your eyes, and then slowly open your eyes, eyes should be in the center of the computer monitor. If the monitor is too high or too low, you'll need to make corresponding adjustments to reduce neck muscle strain.
Of course, immovable posture for a long time is not good on the body, so remember to get up for a minute or two every half an hour at least. Even a stretch or simple activities can be to go to the bathroom. If you can, walk for 20 minutes, will not only reduce pressure on the spine, can also improve blood circulation and nutrients to all parts of the spinal column.
Different desk height on the placement of the chairs have different requirements, sometimes even for a handful of seats, once the height of the desk set, you can reference each part of the body do to adjust the seat height

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