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Outdoor Lounge Chair
- Nov 18, 2016 -

Outdoor Lounge Chair
1, the function is
Features a single, mainly placed in outdoor places such as parks, community, street. Many people use for outdoor knotting, cool, open space and so on;
2, aesthetics
Visual effects mainly on coordination with the outdoor environment, greater use of natural materials such as wood, granite, designs, elegant, amiable, without special Deluxe;
3, practical
Fire, theft, corrosion-resistant, can meet more people to rest and not bother with each other;
4, material
No use of toxic or hazardous materials, easy to clean. Due to the particularity of outdoor use, General wood: wood, imported camphor, Russia Pinus sylvestris, wood and other materials, the wood has a lot of outdoor effects, marble or granite and need a good texture to prevent man-made damage. Anti-corrosion treatment of the steel needed, rain and vandalism.