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What are the types of outdoor lounge chairs
- Nov 18, 2016 -

Many types of outdoor lounge chairs, and different types of outdoor lounge chairs, populations in need is different, small series today and share with you about the types of outdoor lounge chairs, we want to be able to bring help.
1, Chair
Chair has always been an outdoor lounge chairs classic style, lying in the Sun on the beach, lie above the rest to NAP after lunch, is not very enjoy it. About the price of this Chair in 2000, deck chairs in general it can be cheaper, probably between 100 Yuan 300 yuan.
2, cane
This packages compiled from chair through cane bamboo, texture clear, exquisite, there is a natural feeling, feel like being in the old courtyard. Material quality, ride comfort, a Chair around between 50 to 70 Yuan.
3, swing chair
This swing chair with bamboo hand-woven together, Chair design, unique shape, bold ideas, seeing the swing chair wants to try to sit. Hand-woven, price is expensive, about 500 Yuan to 600 Yuan.
4, lounge chairs
This outdoor lounge chairs with material selection imports of Indonesian rattans, handmade fine art, novel appearance, highlight the master very well the human temperament and character tastes, elegance and refinement. Probably cost about 600 to 700 Yuan.