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Application Of Color In The Office Furniture
- Nov 18, 2016 -

Express office furniture color is a very important means of aesthetic, if used properly, often plays a rich style, highlighting the role of function and express office furniture the atmosphere and character different. Application of color in the Office furniture, includes two aspects: office furniture office furniture color blending and color arrangements. Lies in the tone, use of color and light.
(1) color: color of office furniture, it is important to have to tone (Basic), which should have the overall sense of color. Usually dominated by monochromatic, and color tone complemented by outstanding method. Common Office furniture shades of Color Harmony and contrast color categories, if Color Harmony as the keynote, Office furniture is elegant, serene and mellow, with contrasting color as melody, you can get the bright, active and dynamic effect. But no matter what kind of tone, to give it a sense of unity. Either in a large area of mixed colors mixed with a small amount of contrasting color, received harmony rather than dull effect; also available in contrasting tones with some neutral color, texture or with the help of material to get the effect of harmonious unity with each other. In addressing issues of office furniture color, contrast and harmony both ways, but Lord, to obtain uniform changes, effect of changes in the unity of the whole.
(2) color block: office furniture of color using and processing, also often through color block combination method constitute, so-called color block, is Office furniture color in the must switch and size of color distribution surface, apparently, it and area has must relationship, same color as area size different, to people of feel on not same, as Dang area small of red, and green interwoven in with, far see Shi will think red, and green mixed and for a, close Yu gray; and area big of red, and green block, is can to people to strongly compared of impression.
(3) color: color used in Office furniture, and issues to be considered light, namely environment, light conditions. As in towards North to of indoor, due to natural light of irradiation, atmosphere is partial cold, at indoor environment more near warm tones, Office furniture of color on can using reddish-brown, Golden to tie; as environment in towards South to, in natural light irradiation Xia, is partial warm, then indoor more near partial cold tones, Office furniture of color can using pale yellow brown or light reddish-brown phase tie, to made Office furniture color and indoor environment phase coordination unified.
On the application of color in American furniture, should not be divorced from reality and pursue their color effects in isolation, but should use function of office furniture, styling features and materials and process conditions fully considered, appropriate use