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Bar Chair
- Jul 31, 2017 -

Bar chair

The shape of the chair is similiar to the ordinary chair, which is high in height and 650-900mm. The chair is widely used in bars, shabu-shabu, tea restaurants, fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, cosmetics stores and jewelry stores.

The classification of chairs

1.According to the material of different, chair can be divided into steel wood chair, bent wood chair, solid wood chair, acrylic bar chairs, mental bar chair, plastic chair, cloth art bar chair, leather chair, cane chair and so on.

2.According to  different functions, the chair can be divided into swivel chair, spiral chair, pneumatic lifting chair and fixed bar chair.


1.Firstly, it is the comfort of the chair, so you can sit and feel it and see how it's elastic.

2.Secondly, the coordination degree of the chair is that the user can have different sitting position.

3.Bar chair can adjust height freely, too high too low is not good. When choosing, choose according to actual need.

4.Need to evaluate the fluctuation of the chair.

5.Need to evaluate the wear-resisting and anti-fouling ability of the chair.

6.Need to assess the strength of the chair.

The matching of chairs

1.At home, with two chairs on the side of the tall table, it will create a different atmosphere. If it is fashionable style, you can match the leather bar chair, the effect is very good. 

2.The characteristics of the bar chair, with modern sense and metal texture, height from the ground is generally high, and its shape and ordinary chairs almost, widely used in bars and other places. 

Bar cleaning and maintenance

1.If the chair is used in your home, you can clean it with detergent and water at a ratio of 1:99. If it's a bar chair, you need to wash it with water and water at a ratio of 1:49. Because there are more people in the bar, the chair will be dirty.

2.Regularly check the chair to ensure adequate safety.