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How To Maintain The Bar Bar
- Aug 16, 2017 -

Since bar bar is a place to be exposed to wine and food every day, it is inevitable that the stain will wear out. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the bar maintenance.

Bar counters are usually made of marble and hardwood, and if the drinks are turned over on the countertops or stains, a hard knot of stains can be formed if you do not deal with them in time. So, you must wipe it off immediately. If a hard block has been formed, wipe with a wet towel first, then spray the surface with detergent, until the stain has completely disappeared. Spray the maintenance agent on the surface of the bar after cleaning. When choosing marble stone, should also pay attention not to choose to have radiative inferior stone material, otherwise will be to the consumer and the staff's physical health to pose a threat.

The wooden surface of bar bar should avoid beverage, chemical or hot items on the surface to avoid damaging the natural color of the wood surface. At this point, you need to add a coaster to your drink, which is to protect the bar. When dirt is large, can be diluted neutral detergent with warm water to wipe a first, try again with clear water clean, remember with a soft dry cloth to wipe the residual stain, wait until completely wipe, then use maintenance wax polish, and its supporting bar also remember in nursing clean.

Essential configuration is the bar bar stool, bar stool due to long-term contact with the guest, bars and liquor spilled happens often, the bar stool of wear is very serious, so the bar stool is very important to maintain.

Many bars will use solid wood bar stool, the biggest advantage of solid wood bar stool is the wood grain of the nature, with the natural color of many changes. Because real wood is constantly breathing organism, should be placed in a temperature and humidity appropriate environment, at the same time must avoid beverages, chemicals or overheating object placed in the bar stool surface, so as to avoid damage on the surface of the wood natural color. If it is the material of the plate resistance, when dirt is more, should use diluted neutral detergent to warm water to wipe a first, reoccupy clear water is brushed try, remember to use soft dry cloth to wipe the residual stain, wait until completely clean, then it is ok to use maintenance wax polish, but also want to do this maintenance at ordinary times, can keep solid wood bar stool bright and clean.

There are also many bars to use the cloth art bar stool, such a bar stool in the first use, should first use the fabric protectant to spray once, to protect. Cloth art bar stool normally maintains usable dry towel slapping, vacuuming at least once a week, must pay attention to remove the dust of the structure. When the fabric surface is stained, it can be used to wipe water from the outside with clean cloth or with fabric cleanser.

Avoid sweaty, waterstained and muddy dirt on the bar stool. It is recommended to use the cloth art bar stool to be able to do most of the subcontracting, so as long as the bag lining and the seat are removed and cleaned, if the material of cloth art is not very special as long as the machine wash is ok. If you find a loose thread, don't tear it off with your hand and trim it neatly with scissors. All bushing should be cleaned by dry cleaning, not washed, not bleached.

The bar stool of leather should be placed in ventilated place, too dry or damp can accelerate the aging of leather. Leather bar stool is not placed in direct sunlight to the place, also do not put in the place that air conditioning blows directly, this can make the skin surface harden, fade. The pores of the leather absorb sweat, and the high temperature and humidity can make the organic matter and leather in the sweat react with the leather. It is easy to smell, and should be wiped with wet cloth. When wiping the bar stool, can not use alkaline cleaning fluid, because the dermis USES acid treatment when making skin, and alkalescent can make leather soft sex decline, long-term use can occur corrugated. To avoid the use of sharp - cut cortical surfaces, daily care should be wiped with a wet towel and regularly maintained with leather cleaning agent.

Keep the common use of the bar stool often is to undertake maintenance according to the material that does not use, only such ability achieves the best effect.