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Cleaning Notes For Office Chairs
- Sep 06, 2017 -


a. Office chair

b. Cleaner


A: First of all, of course,  we should understand the material of office chair, but it is now generally office chair is given priority to with real wood and iron feet, stool is paper art or on the surface of cloth art, different material chair when cleaning cleaning methods are different.

B: If it's an office chair for leather, try it in an inconspicuous position at the time of leather art cleaning, and see if it fades. If there is a discoloration, dilute it with water. Use lukewarm water when the dirty, let its natural stem.

C: Solid wood chair foot, we can wipe with dry cloth directly, dozen cleaner, do not use too damp cloth to wipe, then go to the sun to dry, that will let the inside of solid wood accelerate.

D: General cloth art stool cleaning method is spray cleaner, gently wipe. With a particularly dirty word, rinse with a warm water combined with detergent. Don't brush with your brush, it will be easy to look old.


Clean office chair in office furniture is not a difficult matter, often simple and clean is ok, it is important to notice above matter.