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Have You Ever Tested Your Office Chair? Is It Safe?
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Have you ever tested your office chair? Is it safe?

The stability test of chair will use the chair bench stability tester and the forward stability tester. This ensures the stability of the chair and the stability of the balance performance.

The quality of office chairs determines the practicality, life and safety. Therefore, the quality of office chairs is very important to users. Which instruments are used for the quality inspection of the office chair?

(1) chassis test:

The chair can be used as a fatigue test. The office chair chassis rear tilt tester is used for the vertical pressure test of the office chair's five claws. Setting force value, repeated loading pressure during the test cycle as fatigue test. The pressure, holding time and cycle times can be adjusted.

(2) the test of the life of the casters:

Assess the fatigue pressure and wear capacity of casters and chair frames against the back and forth movement of chairs. The weight of the seat is 113 kg. The office chair casters life test machine is suitable for all office chairs with casters or chair wheels. The clamping fixture is driven by motor and synchronous belt to make the office chair or chair frame move back and forth, so as to evaluate the wear life of casters.

(3) the backrest test of the chair:

The strength, speed and the prescribed test of the chair backrest are used as backrest action. The office chair backrest test machine is used for two kinds of tests on the durability of the chair back frame and the inclined mechanical device. A foot wheel for a fixed office chair. To assess the quality of the product

(4) armrest and chair foot test:

The ability of armchair structure to withstand vertical pressure and repeated load pressure is tested. The use of office chair armrest and chair foot tester is simulated. This load can be regarded as the force generated by the arm as the support when leaving the seat. Besides the handrail test, it can also be used for the strength test of the chair and the durability test of the pedal.