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How To Choose The Most Comfortable Office Chair?
- Oct 18, 2017 -

1. Choose humanized design computer chair that can improve fatigue

a) High-quality computer chair, make full use of the principle of kinesiology at the head of the chair seat cushion on the design of the core parts such as armrest into human elements, can completely satisfy the physiological need of sit chair is in the process of using the human body, and both free adjustment function, the comfort level of 95%, from the source to get rid of fatigue, improve the sedentary caused by occupational diseases.

b) Head of high-quality computer chair use net cloth surface, after effectively adapted to the neck and head, relieve pressure caused by cervical vertebra, head weight and adjustable up and down 6.5 cm, adjustable Angle of 80 degrees, can meet different people height. The back of the back has a comfortable feel and safety, can be adjusted, and fit well. By three key type adjustment, flexible and convenient Thick cushion, the concave curve design, have very good feeling, the net surface material with good air permeability, heat faster, comfortable around armrest can also be adjusted, firmly hold of his arm, effective prevention of periarthritis of shoulder.

2. Select the quality of raw materials with guaranteed computer chairs

The raw materials used in high quality computer chairs are guaranteed by the quality. For example, the large aluminum alloy is certified by ISO9001. The fabric is made of material, which is not only breathable, but also good for heat dissipation. Pressure bar, certified by SGS, can withstand 150KG of pressure, through the us BIFMA certification; The chassis component passes back 120, 000 times of pressure and the fore-and-aft inclining test. Therefore, the high quality computer chair is very durable, not easy to appear the aging phenomenon, and the maintenance is simple and convenient. Choose quality to have guaranteed seat safe, environmental protection, durable, choose a good chair, certainly should choose the product that the quality such as west hao is guaranteed.

3. Select fine details and elaborate computer chairs

The detail decides the quality, one looks comfortable the computer chair of the class, the details must also be equally fine, the heart. The small details of a computer chair are equally unambiguous. For example, the five-claw design of the chair foot is much larger than the four-claw, ensuring the stability and security of the chair, while it is more flexible and convenient than the six PAWS. The material of the organization is solid, never cutting corners; Swivel chair is flexible, smooth and smooth; Some of the hidden parts are also exquisitely detailed. If you want to buy a seat that looks classy, details are one of the considerations when choosing a seat. 

4. Choose a stylish computer chair 

Computer chair shape design is generous and unique, color quietly elegant, whether in home or office, beautiful and handsome. Choose a good computer chair, of course not too ugly, like a good computer chair so light design is a good choice.

5. Choose affordable, cost-effective seats

The high quality computer chair has humanized professional design, exquisite craftsmanship, chic modelling, and the characteristic of green environmental protection, the price economy is economical, it is a kind of seat that has ultra high cost performance. Choosing a chair, of course, is a good price for a good chair, like a good computer chair.