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Material Durability And Processing Of Office Chair
- Oct 25, 2017 -

As a kind of wooden furniture, the smooth surface of wooden office chair proves that the process is more refined.

After all, after the treatment of the wooden furniture after the manual process, it can have a smooth surface and a clean and beautiful appearance, in each process of the meticulous, refined.

Since material part, in order to be able to meet the overall product architecture impressions will not be destroyed, all the stuttering on the wood raw material form needs to be removed, then the wood texture similar to put together, make sure furniture color is unified, the beauty is generous. Is also in pursuit of the best product production effect, each piece of wood in the wood moisture instruments need to be strict testing, to ensure that the furniture not because moisture difference to cracking.

In the process of specific processing, every diamond corner of the material that can cause harm to the material must be carefully polished to ensure that it becomes a circular arc and reduces the damage to the human body. It can be said that the wooden leisure chair from the selection to the final product, each wood has undergone the most stringent test.

Finally, the surface of dongguan office chair will be treated with gloss and varnish coating, which will help to decorate and beautify the surface of the furniture while protecting the surface of the furniture.