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Office Chair Purchase Of Knowledge
- Nov 18, 2016 -

1, see softness. Good boss Chair should be appropriate hard and soft, soft chairs may be that comfortable, for a long time will be very tired, test method is to use the hand press down, cannot come into contact with the substrate at the bottom as the standard, must be flexible.

Height 2, see. Good boss Chair height should be adjustable, since everyone has a different height and build, certainly needs the Chair height and angle are not the same. Right height will make your feet more comfortable, if high chair for a long time will be very comfortable.

3, note that the stability of the Chair, note that Chair in the structural details are processed, you know that stability of the Chair. Especially chair this chair legs as the main support of the Chair, should pay more attention to structural problems, like card, screw joints check is very important. Proposed purchase users personally sit, and slightly shake the body, to realize the Chair's stability.