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When Using An Office Chair, You Should Pay Attention To Seven Points And Its Installation
- Sep 13, 2017 -


1) When assembling, please be careful not to clip your fingers.

2) Avoid proximity to fire, intense light or humidity.

3) Do not place the product in an uneven place to avoid falling.

4) Please put it on flat ground.

5) Please pay attention to the child's climbing chair.

6) Long-term use, please pay attention to the natural loosening of the screw, avoid the use of sharp object to cut the product.

7) Avoid overinclined use to prevent slipping.

Installation steps and methods of office chair

In the last week, I bought an office chair (home) on the Internet. However, when the goods arrived, I had to rely on myself to install it. After more than one hour of research, I finally got the "baby" installation completed.

Now I'll write down the whole installation step and hope to help some friends.


     Plum screwdriver


a. When the package is received, check that the package is in good condition (I'll say more here). After the inspection is complete, we proceed to the next step.

b. The next step is to install the foot frame and install the foot rack and rubber wheel. Be sure to check that the safety lock on the wheel is in good condition.

c. After the installation of the foot frame, we will install the armrest of the seat. When installing the handrail, we should pay attention to the degree of slack of the screw, not too tight, not too loose, loose the armrest to move, and tighten and slide the wire.

d. After installing the handrail, we will begin to install the most important part - seat cushion, which is the most important but not difficult step.

e. After the seat is installed, it is now installed on the back of the installation. The back and seat are connected by a steel bar, connecting the steel strip and the seat cushion.

f. Now connect the steel bar to the back of the back, and pay attention to the tightness of the screw when connecting, except that you should pay attention to the decoration cover.

g. Now basically completed, with the last step, is to install back cushion, the installation can also be in step 5 pillows, pillows on the installation is very simple, is to a triangular screws tighten by hand.


Pay attention to the operation and operation of the back and back.

Do not exceed the weight in the seat to avoid accidents.