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Analysis Of The Properties Of Office Chair Material
- Sep 29, 2017 -

Generally speaking, plastic feet and nylon feet are the most common materials for making office chairs, except for metal - made feet.

Advantages of plastic foot frame:

1. Rigid and toughness. High flexural strength and anti-stress cracking

2. Lightweight

3. Its mechanical properties are maintained at high temperature


1. Under 0℃ is easy to become fragile

2. Weather resistance (the lowest temperatures in most northern areas of winter can be lower than this)

Nylon foot frame: usually normal product foot frame is indicated below. Chemical formula: (ch 2)5 nhco


1. Stronger than any polyamide variety

2. The yield strength is greater than that of nylon 6 and nylon 610, hardened

3. There is still high strength, toughness, rigidity and low friction coefficient in the wider temperature range

4. It is resistant to oil, many chemical reagents and solvents

5. Good abrasion resistance


1. High hygroscopicity

2. The impact strength is reduced in a dry environment

3. The forming process is not easy to control

Nylon material, which is the ideal material for making chair legs, has good climate adaptability. Summarized from the reality of our long-term observation, horse general normal service life of the nylon material can reach three years or so, that's why a lot of furniture enterprises one of the reasons for quality assurance for three years. The foot frame of nylon material is also slightly different from plastic foot (pp). Nylon foot frame is obviously slimmer. The pp feet are slightly bulky to ensure that they can be used. Compared with the plastic foot bracket nylon foot is much more expensive, so there is also a model with nylon foot the same pp foot frame, but no pa66 mark. The sound can also clearly feel the nylon foot more crisp.