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Talking About The Prospects For The Office Furniture Industry
- Nov 18, 2016 -

As long as the enterprises, enterprises need Office, Office itself and ultimately, Office furniture, Office furniture-living nature is not a problem, as the private owners and entrepreneurs More and more, therefore, Office furniture has a bright future. Reform yilai China economic fast development, China furniture industry also in this a period get has fast of development, furniture of production technology constantly update, furniture of varieties constantly increased, is in this a period household furniture and office furniture began gradually separation separation, Hangzhou office furniture slowly of formed a industry, and manufacturing office furniture of enterprise increasingly more, many enterprise joined to Office furniture this industry in the are is fancy China economic fast development led to Office furniture demand increased and formed of huge of market. At present, China's economic development still soon, improving working conditions of various government bodies, banks, security, schools, hospitals, institutions, and constantly expanding, rapidly growing demand for Office furniture. With modern office building, needs a large supply of office furniture in the original Office, foreign industrial and commercial enterprises set up offices in the Mainland, annual demand is expected to be more than 40 billion office furniture. In our home, with 40 billion market. 2000 foreign-related hotels, restaurants, furniture for more than 300,000 rooms need to be updated every year, new hotels and restaurants is on the rise, demand each year is expected to reach about 3 billion.

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