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The Use Of The Office Chair Should Pay Attention To A Few Points
- Nov 17, 2017 -

Parts to introduce

1.Office chair. The chair, chair seat plate, using high density hardwood sandwich plate, mold cold pressing molding, surface for quality ju wood skin, polished, batch of gray processing, using transparent bottom oil base, surface spray a layer of oil, with 100 ww sun drying, environmental protection, do not fade.

The back of the chair is decorated with brass tacks, beautiful and elegant.

There are 143 diameter 10mm round holes in the seat plate using the drill pipe, which is convenient for ventilating and cool.

2. Foot frame, adopt the high quality 2.5 thick cold rolled steel plate, through the stamping welding.

The drum stands independently and has 358 diameters of 10mm round holes.

It is easy to ventilate cool, surface spray powder is treated by electrostatic, never rust.

3. Sea cotton: adopting cold foam forming sponge, the curve conforms to ergonomic principle. High density (60Kg/M3) will never change. It can process flame retardant function.

4. Cloth: adopting high-quality imported automobile flannelette, can be processed (Chinese, British, American) flame retardant standard: CA- 117:200 fire prevention standard.

Anti-fouling, colorfast.

5. Computer chair/handrail: use high quality imported oak or beech wood raw materials, gong forming by gong machine, surface treatment method and seat back board.

6. Seat bag: a damping return structure with spring steel frame and pneumatic rod as one body, and no noise is collected.

The use of the office chair should pay attention to a few points

The floor of the office chair must remain flat.

Keep the office ventilated, not too dry, and direct sunlight to avoid the skin of the office chair.

The legs of aluminium alloy do not often rub, lest form the decorative surface data to fade and break.

It is best to use a cotton knit cloth when the computer chair/dust removal is used, avoid using gasoline or organic solvent to wipe.

Prevent hard objects from touching, cutting, and away from sharp objects.