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What Are The Materials For The Leisure Chair?
- Jun 07, 2018 -

We are familiar with casual chairs, because almost every family has a leisure chair. There are a lot of materials in the leisure chair! The characteristic of the anticorrosion wood is that it is easy to be processed and is of course convenient to be processed from the raw material. Therefore, it is more than the other real wood processing industry in the leisure chair industry. The disadvantages are also quite obvious that the anticorrosion wood is easy to turn black and look old. So use the outdoor wood oil (the outdoor wood special spray paint) to use oil. The color of the paint covers the uneven color of the original surface. So the leisure chair made with anticorrosion wood is cheap, but it will turn black for a long time when it is used outdoors.

Another common leisure chair wood: Russian camphor vertical - Pinus sylvestris, Pinus sylvestris, fine and straight, can effectively prevent molds, termites and microbes, effectively inhibit the change of wood moisture content, reduce the degree of wood cracking, and prolong the life of wood to 40 to 50 years of Russian cinnamon. Preservative wood is characterized by its easy processing and fine texture. If it uses colorless outdoor special paint, it can achieve a practical wood. The shortcomings of the words, it should be said that there are not too big shortcomings. When you are used for outdoor leisure chairs, you only need to pay attention to man-made destruction.

Next, the outdoor leisure chair, the ultimate material of outdoor furniture - plastic wood: "plastic wood", also called "wood plastic composite material", as the name suggests, can be understood as a material mainly used to replace wood with plastic as raw material. It is made of plastic and wood chips in proportion to the proportion of 1:1. Its application can save a lot of natural wood and protect the ecological environment, because of the natural fiber components, the wood has better anti UV (ultraviolet) performance and lower thermal expansion and shrinkage performance, and as easy to process as wood. Plastic wood composite material as a kind of environmental protection new material has been paid attention to, leisure chair style varied, all kinds of materials have, let everyone have more choice!