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What's The Chair? The Classification And Function Of The Chair
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Chair in chairs industry products is to develop and produce the derivatives in recent years, chair mainly by general office chair accessories such as gas spring, tray, casters, etc and its characteristic of horn plate, plate and other accessories.

In recent years, along with the market refinement of furniture product style variety, some enterprises seize the market, one after another chair series product development, production, and has become a big block in the industry and the chairs industry in series.

However the product there is no state, or local industry standards, enterprises also formulated the corresponding internal control standards, resulting in the production process, product quality good and bad are intermingled, quality indicators, the use of the product characteristics and advantages cannot reflect, inspection results to determine the actual situation, severely restrict the sustainable development of anji chair industry, but also seriously affected the whole anji chair industry reputation.

The classification of bar chair

The chair is divided by the main material: steel wooden bar chair, solid wood bar chair, crankwood chair, acrylic bar chair, metal bar chair, cane system chair, leather bar chair, cloth art bar chair, plastic bar chair and so on;

The chair presses the use performance cent: pneumatic lift bar chair, spiral lift bar chair, swivel chair, fixed bar chair etc.

The use of the bar chair

Chair first main use is in the bar, now, the use of the chair has been more and more widely used in rinse, fast-food restaurants, tea restaurants, coffee shops, jewelry stores, cosmetics stores, etc., on behalf of the passion and fashion and popular.

The maintenance and maintenance of the bar chair

Solid wood bar chair its biggest advantage is the wood grain of the nature, with the natural color of many changes.

Because real wood is constantly breathing organism, it is suggested that placed in temperature and humidity appropriate environment, at the same time must avoid overheating beverage, chemicals, or objects placed on the surface, so as to avoid damage on the surface of the wood natural color.

If the resistance of material, when dirt is large, suggest using diluted neutral detergent with warm water to wipe a first, try again with clear water clean, remember with soft dry cloth to wipe the remnants from water damage, after being completely wipe, then use maintenance wax polish, even if you're done, only pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, to make the wood furniture.

Cloth art bar chair buys, first use fabric protectant to spray once, to protect.

Cloth art chair peacetime maintenance can be used dry towel pat, vacuuming at least once a week, must pay attention to remove the dust of the structure.

When the fabric surface is stained, it can be used with clean cloth, wipe with water or apply with fabric cleaner.

Avoid sweaty, waterstained and muddy dirt on the sofa.

It is suggested that most of the subcontract lining and cushion are divided into hand washing and machine washing, which should be found out to furniture dealers, because some of them may have special washing requirements.

If you find a loose thread, don't tear it off with your hand and trim it neatly with scissors.

All bushing should be cleaned by dry cleaning, not washed, not bleached.