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Which One Would You Choose?
- Aug 30, 2017 -

When choosing, want to take into consideration material, size, style, budget and so on.

Generally, the seating area is 650-900mm, according to the main material can be divided into steel, solid wood, crankwood, acrylic, metal, rattan, leather, cloth, plastic, etc. The performance can be divided into pneumatic lifting, screw lifting, rotating and fixed. Choose the appropriate height stool. The height of the table of the diet determines the height of the seat, not the overall height.

Bar stool can mold any style, like the furniture of all sorts of style, you have a lot of choice.

Metal bar stool design is more modern, also can meet firm and firm need.

For wooden bar stool, they often give a warm, traditional impression, can create the nostalgic style very well.